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⚠️Six Favourite Records with Alex Edkins of Weird Nightmare, METZ, LIDS and Noble Rot

⚠️ Six Favourites with Alex Edkins aka Weird Nightmare, frontman of METZ! He talks to us about some of his favourite records!

Alex Edkins is the frontman (vocalist & guitarist) of Canadian punk rock outfit METZ. Formed in 2007, they have now released 4 studio albums with last in 2020 on Sub Pop Records. They have also released his solo project Weird Nightmare in early 2022. Alex is also a member of LIDS and has just this week released a track from his latest project Noble Rot with Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck. Their debut album 'Heavenly Bodies, Repetition, Control' will be released March 24th 2023 on Joyful Noise Recordings!



METZ - 16 Jun - Toronto, Canada (With Alexisonfire & PUP)


We speak to Alex below about favourite records and he chooses tracks for our February 2023 Blood In The Brine Spotify playlist!


Part 2:


4️⃣ An album you love that is not sung in your mother tongue, native language or an advanced learned language. Something you may not understand lyrically but connect with despite of that.

🎯 "Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt"

Selected track - Panda


5️⃣ An album from the last twelve months that we absolutely need to hear!

🎯 "En Attendant Ana - Juillet . METZ just recently toured with this great band in France and I found myself humming these songs endlessly. Margaux has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time."

Selected track - Do You Understand?


6️⃣ An album you have had involvement in and think still stands up today! Something in your back catalogue, not your latest work. Something from at least 3 years passed!

🎯 "I'm proud of all our albums. The progression of a band is so intertwined with the people and when I think of those albums I see myself, Hayden & Chris all changing and growing so dramatically over the last 13 years. We've been celebrating 10 years of the S/T METZ album and playing that album in full, kind of like a time warp."

Selected track - Wet Blanket


Follow us at bloodinthebrine on Spotify and our February Playlist which includes all of Alex Edkins' picks, some of his work with METZ, Weird Nightmare, LIDS & Noble Rot & a track from every other post on our site this month:

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