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⚠️Six Course Meal with TORRES. She talks to us about some of her favourite records! (Pt 2)

⚠️Six Course Meal with Mackenzie Scott aka TORRES. She talks to us about some of her favourite records!

Mackenzie Scott is now in her tenth year making music under the name of TORRES. Her 4th record, the brilliant 'Silver Tongue' was released last year and was 6th in Blood In The Brine's records of the year. July 30th sees the release of her 5th record 'Thirstier' on Merge Records which is co-produced by Rob Ellis. From the sound of the fantastic first two singles released we are in for a real treat! We speak to Mackenzie briefly below about favourite records and she chooses tracks for our July playlist!


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Part 2:

4️⃣ An album you love that is not sung in your mother tongue, native language or an advanced learned language.

🎯"I’ve got a spectacular Oum Kalthoum compilation CD called Diva Of Arab Music. I can’t understand a word of it but I love it and find her voice to be extremely moving."


5️⃣ An album from the last year that we absolutely need to hear!

🎯"Yasmin Williams - Urban Driftwood. She’s one of the best living guitarists."

Selected track - Juvenescence


6️⃣ An album you have had involvement in and think still stands up today!

🎯"I got to sing some background vocals on Sharon Van Etten - Are We There. That album is a masterpiece. I think Sharon is one of the greatest singers ever."

Selected track - Our Love


Pre-order TORRES - Thirstier here




Follow us at bloodinthebrine on Spotify and our July Playlist which includes TORRES's selected tracks, these selected videos a track from every other post on our site this month:

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