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⚠️Six Course Meal with John Collins. He talks to us about some of his favourite records! (Pt 1)

⚠️Six Course Meal with John Collins, musician and producer. A founding member of The New Pornographers, playing with Destroyer since 1998 and a member of Narduwar's The Evaporators! Also a renowed producer of those bands including their latest releases along with Tegan And Sara and many, many more! He talks to us about some of his favourite records!

We asked him about what's coming up in the near future:

"Up next for me is some touring with The New Pornographers in the summer and winter of 2022, possibly some remixing of a Destroyer song or two (if Dan is cool with it). Work on a Rodney Graham song or two and various mixing projects if I can get my new computer to cooperate."

We speak to John below about favourite records and he chooses tracks from them for our April playlist!


The latest work that John produced and played on was Destroyer - Labyrinthisis on Merge Records, released late last month on March 25th 2022!

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Part 1:


1️⃣ An album you constantly listen to alone. One that is very close to your heart and you prefer to not listen to in the company of others, a record you feel speaks directly to you!

🎯 "Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom. In truth I may have only listened to it once or twice in the last five years. However I know I’ve logged hundreds of hours listening to it on my own over the course of my life since the week it was released when I called CITR to ask what song they had just played and who was the artist (the song was 'You Little Fool'). I’ve had probably three distinct times in my life where this album took over and became my obsession for a while. It’s got so much going on. The band is incredible. The arrangements are amazing. Production is 10/10. It’s quite long too and on vinyl due to the small and shallow grooves that were a result of the album length, the original pressing had a midrange heavy quality. I really love how it sounds. It‘s an epic record existing in its own small-speaker world. Elvis Costello has made many famous and beloved records, but for some reason this one is the one that really grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I’m glad too because if I’d obsessed over more of his records this way I wouldn’t have had much time to listen to anyone else. Also... De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising, Kraftwerk - Computer World, The Stranglers -Feline and any Devo."

Selected track - Elvis Costello - You Little Fool


2️⃣ Something from your hometown (Vancouver) we need to hear.

🎯 "Nomeansno, Superconductor, Nardwuar And The Evaporators,

Rodney Graham, Modernettes."

Selected track - Rodney Graham Band - Montgolfier Balloon


3️⃣ A classic album, one that you put on when friends are over or when times are good! A staple in your life.

🎯 "Good times album(s) I put on for comfort are Pretenders - Pretenders, Grace Jones - Island Life, Roxy Music - Avalon, T Rex - Electric Warrior, Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music For Airports, John Cale - Paris 1919."

Selected track - Pretenders - Up The Neck



Follow us at bloodinthebrine on Spotify and our April Playlist which includes John Collins' selected tracks, these selected videos and a track from every other post on our site this month:

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