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⚠️Six Course Meal with Bill Baird. He talks to us about some of his favourite records! (Pt 2)

⚠️🇺🇸 Six Course Meal with Bill Baird. He talks to us about some of his favourite records!

Bill Baird, the Texan songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is the epitome of quality independent music! The former frontman of Sound Team and Sunset, he has been steadily releasing solo material since 2006. Since 2018 he has been releasing on his own record label, EBB Recordings! This month he released two new tracks 'Bliss' and 'You're My Girl' taken from his new album '∞ Infinite Eye ∞'. This album is available now to buy digitally or physically on Bandcamp only, pending release across all digital platforms later this month!

We speak to Bill below about favourite records and he chooses tracks for our February playlist!


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Part 2:


4️⃣ An album you love that is not sung in your mother tongue, native language or an advanced learned language.

🎯"Manu Chao - 'Clandestino'. Some of his other material is a bit too happy or reggae-ish but this one is perfect, a coherent concept album tour de force, a relentlessly creative collage, like a polished home recording."


5️⃣ An album from the last year that we absolutely need to hear!

🎯"Tele Novella - Merlynn Belle. Natalie (Ribbons) is one of my favourite songwriters in the world right now. Jason (Chronis) is one of the best musicians in Texas. Good combo."

Selected track - Never


6️⃣ An album you have had involvement in and think still stands up today!

🎯"I produced the 'Trust EP' for Generationals. They're normally more slickly produced but our effort was a grittier and (to me) more interesting production. For my own music, I'd say the 'Career' LP. I was coming off a very disillusioning period and the title was facetious, to say the least. It is grimy, dirty, loud, with lots of attitude and still feels very good."

Selected 'Trust EP' track - Say For Certain

Selected 'Career' track - Soggy Soul


Photo of Bill Baird by Elizabeth Abrams!

Follow us at bloodinthebrine on Spotify and our February Playlist which includes Bill Baird's selected tracks, these selected videos and a track from every other post on our site this month:

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