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⚠️Six Course Meal w/ Eric Pulido aka E.B. The Younger of Midlake. He talks favourite records (Pt 2)

⚠️Six Course Meal with Eric Pulido aka E.B. The Younger of Midlake. He talks to us about some of his favourite records!


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Part II:


4️⃣ An album you love that is not sung in your mother tongue, native language or an advanced learned language.

🎯 "Serge Gainsbourg - 'Initials B.B.'. Serge has always been atop the list of personal mix tapes. You don't have to understand the lyrics for his music to translate and move you. The songs, style, orchestration, all make for an album that stands the test of time. Selected track - 'Initials B.B.'."


5️⃣ An album from the last year that we absolutely need to hear!

🎯 "Rufus Wainwright - 'Unfollow The Rules'. I've been a huge Rufus Wainwright fan ever since I heard 'Poses' (Then I went back and fell in love with his first record), and he continues to amaze with each subsequent album. There aren't many folks that can navigate through stylings of classical, opera, pop and beyond quite like Rufus, all while having one of the greatest voices of our time. This album is no exception of greatness and I'd suggest giving it a spin! Selected track - 'Trouble in Paradise'."


6️⃣ An album you have had involvement in and think still stands up today!

🎯 "John Grant - 'Queen Of Denmark'. I was so lucky to be a part of this album and the beginnings of John's solo career which has produced amazing work and showcased the genius talent that is John Grant. To know John is to love him, and there are few artists that I anticipate their next record like I do his. Ever since his work with The Czars, I was hooked and 'Queen Of Denmark' is like a time capsule that I'm so thankful exists and still stands to this day. Selected track - 'Marz'."



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