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⚠️Six Course Meal w/ Eric Pulido aka E.B. The Younger of Midlake. He talks favourite records (Pt 1)

⚠️Six Course Meal with Eric Pulido aka E.B. The Younger of Midlake. He talks to us about some of his favourite records!

Eric Pulido is best known as the frontman of Denton, Texas' Midlake. He joined originally as a guitarist just before the band's debut EP 'Milkmaid Grand Army''. The band then went on to release 'Bamnan And Slivercork' and in 2006 the critically acclaimed 'The Trials Of Van Occupanther'. Eric then replaced Tim Smith as the frontman in 2012 after his departure following 'The Courage Of Others'. One more album followed in the shape of 'Antiphon'. In 2017 he was the instigator behind the supergroup BNQT which also involved the members of Midlake along with Ben Bridwell of Band Of Horses, Jason Lytle of Granddaddy, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand and Fran Healy of Travis. In 2019 he released his debut solo record called 'To Each His Own' under the moniker of E.B. The Younger.

We asked Eric what is coming up on the horizon for him:

"We’ve recently completed recording of a new Midlake record and are excited to release new music later this year with tours to follow."


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Part 1:


1️⃣ An album you constantly listen to alone. One that is very close to your heart and you prefer to not listen to in the company of others, a record you feel speaks directly to you!

🎯 "Genesis - 'A Trick Of The Tail'. This was an album I listened to a lot while making 'Antiphon' and it was cathartic after Tim's departure from the band as it was also Genesis' first album after Peter Gabriel left the band. It's a beautiful record and I love the sonic nature along with the prog elements throughout. This album still resonates with me and always leaves me reflective. Selected track - 'Entangled'."


2️⃣ An album from a label you highly respect.

🎯 "Robert Gomez - 'Brand New Towns'. Robert Gomez is a long time close friend who I've always admired musically and personally. We met in Denton, Texas, and have collaborated on many projects over the years. This album came out on Bella Union, our shared record label, and we toured the world together playing as his backing band and making fond memories. He's continued to make great music and now even started his own winery! (Hoquetus Wine Co.). Selected track - 'Closer Still'."


3️⃣ A classic album, one that you put on when friends are over or when times are good! A staple in your life.

🎯 "Fleetwood Mac - 'Rumours'. I mean, how could you go wrong right!? It's like a 'Best Of' album but yet it's not. This album/band was obviously a big influence on us, especially during our 'Van Occupanther' era. Most notably heard on tunes like 'Roscoe'... that 'Dreams' bass and drum pocket is unbeatable! So in short, it's great for influencing your own record, or your own dinner party! Selected track - 'Dreams'."



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