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๐ŸŽฌ FRESH FEED - Widowspeak - The Jacket


Widowspeak - The Jacket

From the forthcoming album The Jacket, available March 11th 2022

Captured Tracks


Molly Hamilton

Robert Earl Thomas

Michael Stasiak

J.D. Sumner

Michael Hess


Robert Earl Thomas

Homer Steinweiss


7th April - Brooklyn, U.S.A

8th April - Philadelphia, U.S.A

9th April - Vienna, U.S.A

10th April - Richmond, U.S.A

13th April - Miami Beach, U.S.A *

14th April - Orlando, U.S.A *

15th April - Athens, U.S.A *

16th April - Athens, U.S.A *

17th April - Atlanta, U.S.A *

19th April - New Orleans, U.S.A

20th April - Houston, U.S.A

21st April - Austin, U.S.A

22nd April - San Antonio, U.S.A

23rd April - Fort Worth, U.S.A

25th April - Albuquerque, U.S.A

26th April - Tucson, U.S.A

27th April - Palm Springs, U.S.A

28th April - Los Angeles, U.S.A

29th April - Santa Ana, U.S.A

30th April - San Diego, U.S.A

3rd May - Santa Cruz, U.S.A

4th May - Oakland, U.S.A

5th May - Portland, U.S.A

9th May - Salt Lake City, U.S.A

10th May - Denver, U.S.A

12th May - Des Moines, U.S.A

14th May - Chicago, U.S.A

15th May - Cleveland, U.S.A


* Clairo


2011 - Widowspeak

2013 - The Swamps (EP)

2013 - Almanac

2015 - All Yours

2017 - Expect The Best

2020 - Plum

2021 - Honeychurch (EP)

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