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๐ŸŽต FRESH FEED - Future Islands - King Of Sweden


Future Islands - King Of Sweden

Released today, February 16th 2022



Samuel T. Herring

William Cashion

Gerrit Welmers

Michael Lowry


Future Islands

Steve Wright


23rd March โ€“ Manchester, England *

24th March โ€“ Manchester, England *

25th March โ€“ London, England *

27th March โ€“ Belfast, Northern Ireland *

28th March โ€“ Dublin, Republic Of Ireland *

29th March โ€“ Dublin, Republic Of Ireland *

31st March โ€“ Newcastle, England *

1st April โ€“ Edinburgh, Scotland *

2nd April โ€“ Glasgow, Scotland *

12th May โ€“ Vancouver, Canada

13th May โ€“ Vancouver, Canada

15th May โ€“ Calgary, Canada

17th May โ€“ Red Deer, Canada

19th May โ€“ Edmonton, Canada

20th May โ€“ Saskatoon, Canada

21st May โ€“ Winnipeg, Canada

24th May โ€“ London, Canada

25th May โ€“ Toronto, Canada

26th May โ€“ Montreal, Canada

27th May โ€“ Ottawa, Canada

29th May โ€“ Quรฉbec City, Canada

30th May โ€“ South Burlington, U.S.A.

31st May โ€“ Providence, U.S.A.

2nd June โ€“ New York, U.S.A.

3rd June โ€“ New York, U.S.A.

16th August โ€“ Kรถln, Germany

17th August โ€“ Mรผnchen, Germany

18th August โ€“ Berlin, Germany

22nd August โ€“ Oslo, Norway

24th August โ€“ Kรธbenhavn, Denmark

25th August - Kรธbenhavn, Denmark

29th August โ€“ Helsinki, Finland

26th October โ€“ Utrecht, The Netherlands

4th November โ€“ Milano, Italy

7th November โ€“ Paris, France


* Dan Deacon


2008 - Wave Like Home

2010 - In Evening Air

2011 - On The Water

2014 - Singles

2017 - The Far Field

2020 - As Long As You Are

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