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๐ŸŽฌ FRESH FEED - Aldous Harding - Fever


Aldous Harding - Fever

From the forthcoming record Warm Chris, available March 25th 2022



John Parish



3 Jun โ€“ Chicago, U.S.A.

4 Junโ€“ Detroit, U.S.A.

5 Jun โ€“ Toronto, Canada

6 Jun โ€“ Montreal, Canada

8 Jun โ€“ Cambridge, U.S.A.

9 Jun โ€“ New York, U.S.A.

10 Jun โ€“ Philadelphia, U.S.A.

11 Jun โ€“ Washington, U.S.A.

13 Jun โ€“ Carrboro, U.S.A.

14 Jun โ€“ Asheville, U.S.A.

15 Jun โ€“ Atlanta, U.S.A.

16 Jun โ€“ Birmingham, U.S.A.

19 Jun โ€“ New Orleans, U.S.A.

20 Jun โ€“ Dallas, U.S.A.

21 Jun โ€“ Austin, U.S.A.

23 Jun โ€“ Phoenix, U.S.A.

24 Jun โ€“ Los Angeles, U.S.A.

25 Jun โ€“ San Francisco, U.S.A.

27 Jun โ€“ Portland, U.S.A.

28 Jun โ€“ Seattle, U.S.A.

29 Jun โ€“ Boise, U.S.A.

1 Jul โ€“ Englewood, U.S.A.

2 Jul โ€“ Lawrence, U.S.A.

10-13 Aug โ€“ Oslo, Norway

26 Aug โ€“ Paris, France

28 Aug โ€“ London, England

1-4 Sep โ€“ Larmer Tree Gardens, England

2 Sep โ€“ Glasgow, Scotland


21 Mar โ€“ Brussels, Belgium

23 Mar โ€“ Utrecht, The Netherlands

24 Mar โ€“ Groningen, The Netherlands

26 Mar โ€“ Kรถln, Germany

28 Mar โ€“ Paris, France

29 Mar โ€“ Nantes, France

30 Mar โ€“ Lyon, France

1 Apr โ€“ Zรผrich, Switzerland

2 Apr โ€“ Milano, Italy

4 Apr - Praha, Czech Republic

5 Apr โ€“ Warszawa, Poland

7 Apr โ€“ Berlin, Germany

8 Apr โ€“ Kรธbenhavn, Denmark

9 Apr โ€“ Stockholm, Sweden

11 Apr โ€“ Oslo, Norway

12 Apr โ€“ Gรถteborg, Sweden

14 Apr โ€“ Hamburg, Germany

16 Apr โ€“ Brighton, England

18 Apr โ€“ Dublin, Republic Of Ireland

20 Apr โ€“ Manchester, England

24 Apr โ€“ Bristol, England

25 Apr โ€“ Cardiff, Wales

26 Apr โ€“ Norwich, England

28 Apr โ€“ London, England

29 Apr โ€“ London, England


2014 - Aldous Harding

2017 - Party

2019 - Designer

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